Balance from inside.

Want to get flatulence and bloating under control? We’ll tell you how.

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It doesn´t pay to underestimate diarrhoea. Protect yourself and your loved ones against it!

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DH-norm is a specialist when it comes to the digestive system - it knows how to restore your body’s internal balance fast.

It can solve problems of the digestive tract and restore its balance so you are free to feel relaxed and happy again.

Video: How does digestion take place?

Our digestive tract plays the main role in our body’s contact with the outside environment. It accepts food from outside, which then influences how we feel.


Back to balance.

Nature-based medical preparations Tammex® and Degasin® help the whole digestive system function correctly and thus, in fact, the whole body.

Degasin® 2Go

Against bloating and flatulence

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Tammex® family plus

Stops and treats diarrhoea.

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