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Bloating and flatulence

1. What are the side effects of Degasin®?
There are no known side effects for the active ingredient, simethicone. This is due to the purely physical mechanism by which its effect occurs and its completely inert (passive) behaviour towards physiological processes in the stomach and intestines. Simethicone doesn´t get absorbed into the organism but is excreted in an unaltered form after passing through the digestive tract. The only contraindication is allergy to any component of the product.
2. Is the high concentration of simethicone in 1 capsule safe for my body?
Yes, the product is safe even though the concentration of simethicone in one capsule is high. A concentration of 250 mg of simethicone in one capsule in a dose of up to 6 capsules per day was assessed in several clinical studies. For the tested concentration, the studies proved efficiency in the reduction of bloating and flatulence and also proved good tolerance, without any side effects.
3. Can I use Degasin® even when I have taken some other medicine?
Yes. Degasin® has no known interaction with other medicines. However, it should be taken only after considering whether or not the user is allergic to any component of the product.
4. Is Degasin® suitable for diabetics?
Yes. Degasin® doesn´t contain sugar.
5. How long has Degasin® been on the market?
A Degasin has been available on the market in Western Europe for 15 years.
6. Are flatulence and bloating always considered to be harmless?
Definitely not. In the case of repeated, permanent or serious symptoms you should visit our doctor.


How to handle stress-induced diarrhoea?
If it is a repeated problem, a general practitioner needs to be visited in order to determine whether the diarrhoea is really caused by stress or if another cause is present. If the intestine really is reacting to stress with diarrhoea, a psychotherapist should be visited.
Does diarrhoea impact the effects of contraception?
Vomiting and diarrhoea can affect the reliability of contraceptive pills (but not other contraception methods). Diarrhoea can lower the reliability of hormonal contraception, though this depends a lot on the intensity of the diarrhoea, i.e. how fast the contents of the bowel move from the duodenum (where hormonal contraception is absorbed) to other parts of the small intestine.
What should I do if I have frequent diarrhoea?
In this case we recommend that you see a doctor, who will establish a diagnosis and suggest a targeted treatment
What should I focus on when choosing a medication for diarrhoea?
In the case of uncomplicated acute diarrhoea, a pharmacist can help the patient to select the right preparation. If the patient is choosing a diarrhoea medicament without aid, he/she should choose one that is effective and safe for the treatment of all kinds of diarrhoea regardless of the cause of its occurrence, which a lay person cannot determine by him/herself.
For example, preparations containing diosmectite (such as Tammex® Junior and Tammex® family plus meet) such criteria..
How does diosmectite function?
Diosmectite, which is contained in the preparations Tammex® Junior and Tammex® family plus, is natural clay with a high bonding capacity. Thanks to this property, it can bind excess fluid from the intestine and thus increase the consistency of the stool and slow down bowel evacuation. It also binds to the mucus present in the mucous membranes of the intestinal wall and thus protects the intestinal wall against the effect of aggressive substances.
What is the main difference between the preparations Tammex® Junior and Tammex® family plus?
Tammex® Junior and Tammex® family plus are single-use medicaments which are intended for the treatment of acute as well as chronic diarrhoea, as well as the painful symptoms which accompany diarrhoea.
Tammex® Junior is suitable for children from 1 year of age.
Tammex® family plus plus is enriched with prebiotic fibre, which helps renew the natural intestinal microfloral balance and normalize the stool. Due to the fibre content, this preparation is intended for children from the age of 6, as well as adults.
What is the importance of prebiotic fibre for our organism?
Prebiotic fibre is an indigestible component of vegetable food. Our organism either cannot use it as a source of nutrition and energy at all, or it can, but only to a limited degree. However, prebiotic fibre is a significant source of nutrition and energy for beneficial bacteria (mainly bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) which occur in our intestines naturally and fulfil a series of important functions in the organism. These friendly intestinal bacteria grow well thanks to prebiotic fibre, which prompts them to reproduce and increase their activity. They thus help to protect the intestine against population by pathogenic (harmful) bacteria, and prevent the excessive propagation of such bacteria in the intestine. Prebiotic fibre thus helps to renew the natural balance of intestinal microflora after it has been disturbed, e.g. by diarrhoea.

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