Fast and effective help with flatulence, bloating, feelings of fullness and rumbling of the stomach

Degasin® 2Go and Degasin® Do you also sometimes find that you have a bloated stomach and an unpleasant feeling of fullness after a meal? It is nothing unusual. Up to 69% of the population suffer from flatulence. Fortunately, you can solve this problem easily.

The medical preparations NEW Degasin® 2Go and Degasin® contain simethicone as an active ingredient. SIMETHICONE is a physiologically inert active component which reduces the surface tension of air bubbles in the digestive tract and enables their breakup. Simethicone doesn´t get absorbed in the blood circulation in the body and therefore can be considered to be safe.

Degasin® 2Go and Degasin® will provide fast relief for problems in the gastrointestinal area such as flatulence, frequent feelings of fullness, bloating and rumbling of the stomach.

Without known side effects
Can be used on a long-term basis
Suitable for diabetics
Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women

NEW Degasin® 2Go

fast relief
no water needed
peppermint flavour

Degasin® 2Go brings fast relief from flatulence and bloating. Because it comes in the form of practical and tasty pastilles, you can take it anytime and anywhere. It will easily fit into your bag or handbag and you don´t need to look for water to wash it down.


  • Degasin® 2Go pastille contains 125 mg of simethicone.

Dosage and use:

  • Adults and children from 6 years of age: suck 1 pastille 3-4 times per day

Contents of pack:

  • 20 pastilles with a pleasant peppermint flavour.

Degasin® 2Go

Always on hand to help.


Strongest composition
effective relief
Suitable for use before a stomach examination

Degasin® is the strongest product fighting flatulence and bloating on the market - only 2 small capsules a day are sufficient. Degasin® helps reduce flatulence and discomfort caused by excessive amounts of gas in the stomach or digestive tract. Its efficiency has been proven by studies.

Degasin® is also a suitable preparation for use before a diagnostic examination of the stomach (endoscopy, radiography, ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity).


  • Degasin® capsule contains 257.5 mg of simethicone.

Dosage and use:

  • If you are having problems take 1 to 2 capsules after every larger meal (lunch or dinner). Always wash capsules down with a large glass of water. Consult your doctor about taking Degasin® before a diagnostic examination.

Contents of pack:

  • 32 capsules
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Soothes and prevents flatulence and bloating.

Flatulence and bloating

Bloating or flatulence (meteorism in specialised terminology) is a problem for all people every now and then. It is a natural process which takes place in the digestive tract with aid from bacteria and yeast and basically means only one thing: the creation of gas in the intestines and stomach. Flatulence occurs both in men and women; however, women are somewhat more prone to it than men.

The warning signs of coming problems are usually bubbly sounds in the intestines, or distinctive rumbling in the stomach. These sounds are also accompanied by tension in the abdominal area, a feeling of fullness, heaviness, tiredness or nervousness connected with the knowledge that gaining relief (via simply “letting it out”) is socially unacceptable.

Problems with flatulence really affect everyone, as gas - as a result of digestion – is created automatically. Sometimes there is less, other times more. On average, about half a litre of gas is created in the intestines during a single day!

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